Q: How do I send my loved one’s ashes?

A: For £2 we can send you an ashes kit, this includes a small pot, scoop and instructions. You will then need to return this to us, we recommend that you send this back via recorded delivery to make sure your loved ones arrive to us safely.

Q: How many ashes do you need?

A: For one item half fill the pot provided this will be more than enough. If you are ordering several items fill the pot to the top, any ashes unused will be returned with your item(s).

Q: How much is delivery?

A: P&P starts at £5.00  and 50p for each additional item, this will be tracked and insured delivery. Drop off/collection is free, if you live locally.

Q: What happens once I place my order?

A: Your kit will be sent the day after you place your order and may take 2- 3 working days to be deliveried. An email will be sent once your loved ones ashes are recieved by always-forever, and further emails will be sent throughtout the process. We aim create your jewellery/keepsake with 72 hours of recieving you loved ones ashes.

Q: Can you ship outside the UK?

A: We are unable to ship abroad sue to UK laws on posting cremation ashes.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: PayPal, credit or debit card via Stripe.

Q: What is your jewellery made of?

A: Each piece of jewellery has a description, and this will tell you what metal the jewellery is. You will find a selection of Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold and Stainless Steel.

Q: My item looks different to others?

A: Ashes vary in colour and size. If  you would prefer us to use a certain colour of the ashes please specify when ordering. (colours vary from white, grey, brown & black). 

Q: Can ashes be removed?

A: Unfortunalty once the resin is set the ashes/hair cannot be removed.

Q: How do I take care of my jewellery?

A: Avoid using harsh cemicals, submerging in water and keep out direct sunlight. These can cause the resin to discolour, break down the top layer and cause the resin to chip. By taking care of your item it can last a life time.

Q: How do I send my flowers to you?

A: You’ll need a box and some tissue paper. Trim the stems down of each flower, this is really important to prevent them from rotting in the middle.

Discard any flowers that have already started to mould - otherwise it will spread. Foliage can go straight in the box, don't worry about wrapping the stems. Line the bottom of the box with tissue (not newspaper or coloured tissue die to colour transferring) - lay a gentle layer of tissue on top.

Wrap each flower stem in wet tissue and then foil to keep it in place. You can wrap in small bunches if you like. Fill any gaps gently with tissue paper so they don't move about. Please avoid bubble wrap as it squashes the flowers. Keep the box in the fridge or somewhere cool until you are ready to post them. Put your name and return postal address inside of the box. Post via SPECIAL DELIVERY or ROYAL MAIL 1st class SIGNED FOR.

Q: Why are there bubbles around my flowers?

A: Whilst we do everything we can to eliminate bubbles there is always a chance of small bubbles appearing on some petals. When the resin starts to cure it can cause the flowers to move which in turn can make air bubbles. If they rise to the top they can be popped but some aren't visible.

Have we missed something? Please get in touch, we're happy to answer all of your questions.


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